MSNBC’s Velshi, guest say no one’s speaking to Israel’s ‘inhumane treatment’ of Palestine after Hamas attack

MSNBC host Ali Velshi and a Palestinian activist claimed that everyone is forgetting Israel's oppression of Palestinians as the larger context surrounding the latest Hamas attack.

Oct 7, 2023 - 15:31
MSNBC’s Velshi, guest say no one’s speaking to Israel’s ‘inhumane treatment’ of Palestine after Hamas attack

MSNBC host Ali Velshi and a Palestinian activist argued that people are not keeping in mind the "inhumane treatment" Israel has shown towards Palestinians in the context of the recent attacks perpetrated by terror group Hamas against Israel. 

The MSNBC "Velshi" host brought the Palestinian analyst Nour Odeh to discuss the deadly attack against Israel and asserting how Hamas militants’ attack didn’t just come "out of the blue," but was the result of tensions created by Israelis "harassing" Palestinians. 

Odeh agreed, listing many alleged ways Israel has been oppressing Palestinians up to this moment.

The segment followed the deadly Hamas attack that killed over 100 Israelis and injured nearly a thousand more in Israel Saturday. Responding to the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that his nation was "at war" with Hamas and vowed to strike back for the murder of innocent Israelis.

Bringing on Odeh, Velshi said, "We have been reporting for the last ten months I guess, an increase in tensions between Israel and Palestinians who live in the occupied West Bank."

The host continued, saying, "There’s been a lot of misinformation about this, about many of these Palestinians who are being, as [MSNBC's] Ayman [Mohyeldin] said, systematically harassed and their homes demolished, harassed by settlers under the eye and guise, and with the support of Israeli defense forces."

Making his point, he added, "So this is not out of the blue, what we have seen this morning. It was a surprise for which Israel was not prepared, but tensions have been boiling for ten months."

Odeh parroted Velshi’s claim, saying, "Well, they’ve been boiling for over half a century, Ali, which is the length of the Israeli occupation."


The activist then mention the alleged crimes that Israel has perpetrated in the last two years that have built to Hamas’ response. She noted a "record number of Palestinian children killed by Israeli occupation forces, a record number of Palestinian homes demolished by Israel, a record number of Israeli settler attacks against Palestinian villages where homes and businesses were set on fire, where Palestinians were injured or killed by armed Israelis."

After listing several other affronts by Israel, Odeh added, "And to think that all of that wouldn’t have consequences, or wouldn’t have a reaction from the Palestinians, all Palestinians, was delusional."

As the segment continued, Velshi noted that outside observers, namely American politicians and commentators, have had "boilerplate" assessments of what has happened. He declared, "There’s no nuance or recognition of anything that’s been going on."

He also accused Americans and other governments of ignoring "Israel’s inhumane treatment of the Palestinians who live under Israeli occupation."

The Palestinian activist agreed there as well, stating, "Unfortunately you are right. American politicians and other politicians think they can just ignore the context in which all of this is happening, the fact that Israel is an occupying power, the fact that Israel has violated international law and Palestinian rights as per the experts – the leading UN agencies, leading human rights organizations around the world."

Elsewhere, Odeh added, "The fact is there is an entire people who are living under the boot of the Israeli army. They don’t want to do that anymore and they’ve tried everything."

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