Silk Body Washing Towel

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Silk Body Washing Towel
Silk body washing towel
materials : Silk 100%
Made in Japan
wide: 12.00 in
height: 47.20 in

Minimum order quantity: 500 pcs
US$18.20/PC  at F.O.B. JAPAN
Same as Kimono cloth
Towel fabric is a silk crepe for Japanese Kimono made by the technique of “Tango-Chirimen”.

“Tango-Chirimen” is a high quality silk fabric for Japanese Kimono produced in Tango region of Kyoto Prefecture.
Feel comfortable
Silk is the most suitable materials to wash your skin of face and body because a silk consists of protein as same as the skin of humans.

As the shape of silk yarn in a vertical section is triangle, rubbing gently your face and body with this Silk Body Washing Towel make your skin smoother like baby’s cheek.
We have some customer reviews that skin is not dry, no need to be moisturized with lotion, feeling skin softer after use.
Directions of use
After making foam on this Silk Body Washing Towel with your favorite soap and lukewarm water, massage gently and carefully over the skin with a smooth circular motion.
Use everyday for softer, cleaner, smoother skin.
Please do not use this if you develop skin conditions or if you have abnormalities.
Old dead skin cells on the elbow or heel etc. will be removed effectively and efficiently by rubbing a little strongly, more frequently.
Care instructions
After use, please rinse the soapy water away, hang to dry in the shade with good ventilation.
Silk Body Washing Towel made with 100% silk, no coloring, will be changing into yellow color.
Yellowing of silk is distinctive features and no problem for use.
Please do not soak alkaline bleach agent.
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